Survivor: Red Bluff
On Thursday evening, I found this small tribe
of survivors braving the cold outside of
Walmart in Red Bluff.
Nearby, their tents were already set up for
their second night of waiting
for the limited release of Playstation 3.

On Friday morning, our Red Bluff Walmart will
be selling 6  PS3's and giving rain-checks for
4 more.  Everyone else will need to wait until
January...thus the urgency to not lose their
place in line. 
Being the worrier that I am, I found myself
concerned that someone would drive up to the
store on the morning of the big sale and shove
them out of the way.
You know, if you've ever been to Walmart on the
morning after Thanksgiving, that some Red
Bluffians will go to the extreme to get what they
want.  Not to worry, the store manager has their
names on a list and as long as they stay outside
the store, their game system is reserved.
What kind of people hang out in front of Walmart just to enjoy a game 2 months before the rest of us?
Very nice people, that's who, and I really enjoyed my visit with them.  They seemed to be having a blast.
Oh, and I quickly learned that it's not just a game!  Joe was a wealth of information about the PS3 system that
plays high definition dvd's, stores music, and give access to other online gamers.

Earlier today, the group experienced quite a bit of excitement when Josh and Regan from Stockton arrived. 
Josh had been looking for a place to buy a system and had visited Best Buy in Redding. 
However, Best Buy has had customers waiting outside since Tuesday!
Arriving in Red Bluff, he bought someone's place in line for $300.00. 
That person promptly took the $300 over to Radio Shack and loaded up with games and another system. 
Time for honesty...had Josh told his boss the real reason for his absence from work?
"Yes, I told my boss I needed a PS3 release for two days."  He said that he would have gone to Oregon if
necessary.  Now that's gaming devotion!
If you want a 60GB hard disk drive, you'll pay $599 for your PS3.
If you're satisfied with a 20GB HDD, your price will be $499.
(Except for Josh...he added $300 to his price tag.  It's okay though,
he seemed pretty happy with his place in line.)

Joe asked me if I knew that the PS3 was selling for $2,000 to
$4,000 on ebay.  "So, are you going to sell yours?" 
No answer, just a grin. 

While they've been waiting, the Walmart employees have been very
gracious, bringing them cookies and other goodies.
What have Joe, Josh, Regan, Brady and the others been doing while they wait?
"Bonding and talking," someone answered, laughing.
"Looking at this brochure," said Joe, but it looks like they've also been making some new
friends.  Now they'll have more than just a PS3, they'll have a great story to tell about how they
met up with total strangers and stayed under tents in front of Walmart for a few days. 
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